Our Business

In a continuously competitive environment market actors are more than ever in need of decisive tools to help them navigate the volatile waves of financial markets. We use state of the art technologies to develop robust and scalable solutions that come in handy in investment decisions making processes.

Our Data Services

We provide services ranging from quality data access to in-depth market analysis tools.
We retrieve raw data from multiple sources and review them thoroughly.
Our strong and scalable algorithms ensure their relevance and structure them while preserving their integrity.
This closely monitored process dishes out fine grained and ready for use data that can seamlessly integrate with major data analysis tools.
Our data services are heavily business-oriented. We offer key data fields that give you a full insight in market price dynamics.
While last traded prices show you price evolution through time, Bid Ask and traded Volume will give you a peek at behind-the-scenes dynamics that drive this evolution.

Why Work With Us?

Unlike other data providers that bet on quantity rather than quality and offer superfluous data packages, we offer data for a selected list of instruments. As part of our engagement for data quality we give the user the opportunity to experience the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle up-front. Our data analysis tools let you visualize every data you plan to benefit from before reaching for your pocket.
Moreover our project goes beyond providing data. So stay tuned and expect new innovative features anytime soon.


As financial markets and IT enthusiasts we look forward to partnering with innovation driven startups to orient our service offerings towards their needs. So if quality data access is crucial to your business we would be thrilled to hear from you.